Stimulating student to engage in learning opportunities using open badges standard.

The project

Gentlestudent is an application that allows the user to ask students for help. With the application, anyone can issue a learning opportunity and students using the application can decide to help the issuer. After helping the issuer, the student gets a badge as a reward, which is a verifiable record of their learning. This way, Gentlestudent stimulates informal learning and teaches valuable lessons about community life and social engagement.

The application uses open badges to reward students for completing learning opportunities. T he application uses beacon technology to localize the learning opportunities. If you’re close to the learning opportunity, you’ll be able to see where you need to be.

As a student you can download the application in the Play Store or the App Store. This application is used to apply for learning opportunities and find them using the beacons. Afterwards you can see your badges in the backpack.

If you want to become an issuer you have to go to the web application. There you can apply to become an issuer and make learning opportunities. Once the learning opportunity is approved the students can participate using the mobile application.

Technical Setup

The application uses Google Firebase as a backend service provider for Hosting, Authentication, Cloud storage and a JSON-database.

The mobile app is build with the use of Flutter and the web application uses React and is bootstrapped from Create React App.

oSoc18 Team

oSoc18 Coach

  • Bert Jehoul

    Open Knowledge Belgium - Open Badges working group

Project Lead